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Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home

When you waterproof your basement, you’re protecting yourself and your loved ones from mold and mildew exposure that can have long-term effects on everyone’s health. Unchecked mold growth in your basement can lead to all sorts of health problems, including asthma, allergic rhinitis, skin allergies and frequent and recurring headache, fever and coughs. Besides improving everyone’s health, there are numerous additional benefits as well.
Physical Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home
  • Protection against structural damage, electrical hazards and wall/floor collapse.
  • Protection against loss of furnace, hot water heater and other vital appliances that are costly to replace.
  • Gain a stronger foundation.
  • Elimination of cracks in floors and walls.
  • Lesson the potential for mold growth.
  • Provides better remodels by fixing water and humidity problems first.
  • Discovery of additional living space – for a playroom, home office or gym.
Added Comfort Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home
  • Lowered humidity levels – lowering the expense of running dehumidifiers 24/7.
  • Elimination damp or clammy spots on walls or floors.
  • Elimination of condensation and sweating of pipes, water tank and other utility equipment.
  • Improved air quality, by eliminating airborne toxins created from mold spores, radon gases and other building materials.
  • Enjoyment of fresher smelling home by eradicating musty odors.
  • No more wasted time and energy cleaning up a messy wet basement.
Financial Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home
  • Saves on energy costs and increases the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Protects your investment in your home.
  • Eliminate warped paneling and blistering, peeling or discolored paint.
  • Increased resale value of your home – basements without leaks and musty smells attract more buyers and renters.
  • Receive a Transferable Lifetime Warranty and Dry Basement Guarantee from Eco-Dry Waterproofing!
Another added benefit of waterproofing your home with Eco-Dry Waterproofing is our eco-friendly practices. We provide top quality basement and foundation waterproofing services and mold treatments that are safe for you and the environment! Not only do we guarantee your home will stay dry, it will also be healthier than ever! Our mold products are all EPA tested and non-toxic to both humans and pets, but they’re still strong enough to effectively eradicate mold spores. Combined with our expert foundation cracks and structural repair services, we also make your home safer, which further increases your property value. Call us today to schedule your free expert consultation!

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Eco-Dry Waterproofing covers all of Northern NJ including Sussex, Morris, Warren, Passaic, Essex, Union and Bergen Counties. We backup our work with a Lifetime Dry Basement Guarantee.

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