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French Drains

During the rainy season or wintery months when snow melts, homeowners frequently experience seepage in their basements or flooding. Many homeowners attempt to correct water issues by sealing or plugging up leaks with DIY solutions, but these methods rarely work leaving the space wet and moldy. There is, however, a simple solution to correct water issues… A French drain. Need a french drain? Call or Email Us today.

What Is a French Drain?

The French drain also known as “tile drain” was created by Henry French in 1859, an American farmer, who wanted a solution to remove stagnant water from his farm and funnel water away from his home. The overall goal of the system was to help make sure that his home would not flood while his property was being irrigated – and it worked! Today, French Drains are typically installed in basements or outside the perimeter of renovated/newer homes to divert water away from the property.

How Do French Drains Work?

French drains funnel stagnant water away from properties and empty a safe distance from a yard. Water can then be redirected into a dry well, into the street sewer system, into low-lying areas of the property or even a drainage ditch. Depending on the persisting problem, a trench is dug, filled with gravel and a perforated pipe is placed in the gravel. When it rains and water seeps into your basement, the water enters the pipe and starts flowing away from the home to prevent damage.

Does My House Need a French Drain?

If you’ve noticed that whenever it rains your basement starts filling with water, most likely you will need a French Drain with a sump pump battery backup. Home’s on flat surfaces with water running toward the home instead of away from it are particularly at risk of basement flooding. When water can’t escape the surface area it begins to sink and during heavy rains or snowy conditions, this water will seep through cracks in the basement and foundation and cause flooding. For a long-term solution to this problem having a French Drain installed is the best option.

Properties can benefit from the use of a French drain installation for a number of different reasons. Some of the top signs that your home might need an interior French drain includes:

  • When there’s water collecting in your basement.
  • If there is a damp musty odor and you see discoloration or wet spots on the foundation walls or concrete floor, along with peeling and blistering paint (if walls are painted)
  • If you notice a white powdery substance on your block walls called “efflorescence”. This is a process of corrosion when the lime salts that hold the block together start to break down.

It’s Time to Hire A Professional to Sort Out Your Wet Basement Issues

It’s best to hire a professional French drain installer or French drain contractor especially if stagnant water is affecting your basement. As basement waterproofing professionals in Northern New Jersey, Eco Dry Waterproofing specializes in installing French drains and has been helping homeowners enjoy dry basements for years. Our Lifetime Dry Basement Guarantee speaks for itself. If you need a French drain installed, contact Eco Dry Waterproofing to learn more about the process or book an appointment.

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