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Exterior Drainage Systems:

Eco-Dry is a privately owned and operated company that services all of Northern NJ. We have over 25 years experience in all aspects of Home Waterproofing including Exterior Drainage Systems. Call or Email Us today and ask about our Lifetime Guarantee. We also guarantee Owner involvement in all jobs we take on. We are not a franchise and we can confidently say that if we can’t fix or find a solution to your Exterior Waterproofing Issue no one can.
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In order to truly waterproof a foundation the water must never be able to enter through the walls, footings, or floor. In new home construction this is relatively easy to accomplish while the foundation is exposed. Once the backfilling is done, to then trying to do it, becomes a very big & costly project. Especially when most homes have so many obstructions like garage slabs, patios, porches, landscaping, and underground utilities. Our process consists of either removing or working around these obstructions, and excavating the walls down to the footings. The walls are then cleaned and sealed with a (3) layer waterproofing barrier, which includes a rubber membrane that is impervious to water. At the base, exterior footing drains are installed & either pitched to daylight or to an exterior sump. Those drains are backfilled with 2-3’ of crushed stone & covered with a filter fabric, before the soil is backfilled, compacted, & pitched away from the home.
What You Should Know About Your Foundation:
  • With new construction the building codes for foundations are better but not good enough for basements to remain dry throughout their lifetime, & builders usually just do the minimum required.
  • The older homes have almost no outside protection from ground water at all.

*Bottom line

if the basement/foundation was never properly waterproofed from the outside, or been protected with a proper interior water management system then the homeowner should never attempt to finish the space.

4 temporary fixes or band-aids that homeowners will try which ultimately don’t work.

  • Re-grading the soil
  • Re-directing the gutter downspouts
  • Painting & sealing the walls & floor with paints, epoxy’s, & cement
  • Installing a raised wood platform throughout.
*All of the above will not protect the basement, but either mask the problem or sometimes make it worse.

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Eco-Dry Waterproofing covers all of Northern NJ including Sussex, Morris, Warren, Passaic, Essex, Union and Bergen Counties. We backup our work with a Lifetime Dry Basement Guarantee. Financing Available (0% Financing Option. Pre-approval in 60 seconds).
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