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Interior Drainage Systems / French Drains

This involves trenching the interior floor along the perimeter walls and installing a pressure relief water management system of pipe and stone commonly known as french drains. Each system is custom designed to solve the present issues and relieve the excess water from around and under your foundation. Many of these systems include sump pumps with battery backups, mold treatments, and humidity or ventilation machines.
Interior Drainage system- Newton, NJ- EcoDry Waterproofing
Exterior Drainage system- Newton, NJ- EcoDry Waterproofing

Exterior Drainage Systems

This involves excavating outside the foundation walls. By installing perforated pipes at the bottom of a gravel filled trench, around the perimeter of the house, water can travel a safe distance away from the house to keep your basement dry. The process always includes the application of a (3) layer waterproofing barrier to the walls to prevent water penetration. This system may also include a sump pump with battery backup.

Mold Remediation and Abatement

This involves containing work area to prevent any cross contamination and removal of any mold infested materials from the property, then performing a three-step process to eradicate existing mold and prevent it’s return.
Mold Remediation and Abatement- Newton, NJ- EcoDry Waterproofing
Mold Testing - Newton, NJ- EcoDry Waterproofing

Mold Testing

Although testing alone will not predict or resolve the mold issues, but it can be an important starting point. The types of mold testing offered are; air, swabs, tape lifts, and bulk samples. Usually a combination of these is best for a comprehensive evaluation. All samples are sent to a third party independent laboratory and their findings are emailed in a full lab report.

Foundation Cracks and Structural Repairs

The foundation and its structural integrity is the heart of a home, and when it is compromised the value of that property is greatly depreciated. Each issue is evaluated to see what the best solution will be. For the most part, addressing these types of problems in the early stages yields the best results and may save $1,000s-$10,000s in further damage.
Some types of repairs we perform are:
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement, Steel I-Beams, Footing Underpins, Lally Columns, Wall Pins, and Epoxy Injection.
Structure damage- Newton, NJ- EcoDry Waterproofing

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Eco-Dry Waterproofing covers all of Northern NJ including Sussex, Morris, Warren, Passaic, Essex, Union and Bergen Counties. We backup our work with a Lifetime Dry Basement Guarantee.
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