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Here’s what a few of our happy customers have to say about their experience with Eco-Dry Waterproofing:

In April 2015 EcoDry installed French drains, a sump pump, new basement windows, a dry well and water-proofed our crawl spaces. They were extremely efficient and professional. In 2021, Hurricane Ida flooded our town and our street while we were out of town. News crews and the water rescue operation set up on our corner. Governor Murphy came down our street. We thought for sure we would come home to a flooded basement, but it was completely dry. The investment we made on waterproofing 6 years ago was so worth it. We recommend EcoDry to everyone!

The Kims, Cranford NJ

We bought a house completely unaware of its extensive structural and drainage issues. Clearly an incredibly stressful and disconcerting time — thank god for ECO Dry.

Bart from ECO Dry Waterproofing came in and designed a plan to fix our issues, working closely with our structural engineer and then seamlessly executed against the plan. Their workers were reliable, coming and going according to plan — there were absolutely no surprises. And all this at really competitive rates.

Today it is sometimes hard to find contractors you can trust to do what is your best interest. We just got so lucky to find ECO Dry.

Heddy & Michael, West Caldwell NJ

Eco Dry put in French drains and also remediated the mold problems in our basement five years ago. The work was professional and on time and on budget — and is still in GREAT shape five years later. We have just hired Eco-Dry again for additional work on our foundation. We highly recommend them!

Betty, Montclair NJ

When I realized that our wet-only-when-it-rains basement was finally due for a permanent solution, we interviewed no less than 5 waterproofing contractors. The interviews ranged from 1 to 5 hours each and the estimates were just as far-ranging. During this process, we received an enormous amount of information and heard many terms that were alien to us and that required quick digestion if we were going to have a chance of comparing the services. In spite of this daunting education, at the end of it all — it was clear that we had made our choice without much discussion at all. One man and one company stood head and shoulders above the rest — it was Bart, the owner of EcoDry Waterproofing. His work resulted in an even more dramatic improvement than we had anticipated. After the installation of a French drain and humidity control system, we are left with a snug and dry basement that, though never made into a finished space, is a pleasure to occupy. No more dreading a wet weather report, no more having to vacuum up big puddles of water and set up fans after a storm. Just a big usable space that is perfect for storing anything at all — or even finishing into an extra room in the future. Bart was responsive to our needs and concerns, and on-site every day of the installation. We were especially pleased that Bart’s promises were fulfilled and included many important features and details that competing contractors did not offer. It is clear that Bart’s work has added value to our home. We highly recommend EcoDry to anyone who needs help with waterproofing or mold elimination.

Chris, Califon NJ

We are so thrilled we had Ecodry work their magic on our wet, moldy, smelly basement this past July 2018. We had record rain the rest of the summer and through the fall. It is now November. The basement is dry. There is no more mold or musty smell and we couldn’t be happier. Ecodry crew and Bart were professional, impeccably clean, and aimed to please.

Sheryl, parsippany, NJ


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