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Humidex – A Breath of Fresh Air

One of the ways we ensure your home will be healthy and dry is the installation of a Humidex ventilation unit after the waterproofing work is complete. As seen on HGTV, your Humidex unit will improve the air quality and expel moist air – that nurtures mold and creates excess moisture. It will also remove other potential pollutants and gases such as radon, mold spores,household chemicals, pet dander and carbon monoxide to name just a few.

The way it works is simple: it draws moist, stale air to vents via a powerful fan. Then this air is vented outside your home. At the same time, dry, fresh air is drawn downward from the upper levels of your home. Humidex is controlled by an adjustable humidistat that regulates the airflow. When the desired level of humidity is achieved, the fan speed will automatically reduce. It will resume a higher-level speed as the humidity level increases. The direct effect is a complete home air exchange six to ten times a day!

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