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It’s the water you can’t see that can destroy your Foundation.

Pitch or tars used to waterproof exterior walls at the time of original construction often deteriorate in 3 to 5 years leaving the walls unprotected against the tremendous hydro-static pressure of a high water table, underground streams and capillarity.

An excess of water around footings may undermine them causing damaging settlement of the foundation.

The First Signs of Danger:

  • Damp spots on your floor and wall.
  • Cracked Floors.
  • Cracked Walls.
  • Warped Paneling.
  • Peeling paint
  • Fungus-Rust-Mildew
  • Termites

The Results: A Weakened Foundation!

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Eco-Dry Waterproofing covers all of Northern NJ including Sussex, Morris, Warren, Passaic, Essex, Union and Bergen Counties. We backup our work with a Lifetime Dry Basement Guaranty.

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